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Wow your arrangement looms AMAZING. Thankyou for all your hard work and organisation on this. We greatly appreciate it on such short notice. We will defiantly be using you again

Kera Hays

The flowers from you all are stunning. I can see my grandma when I look at them and I know what if she were here she would be sitting down to paint them onto her silks. Thank you so much for the perfect remainder of Dorothy.

Clare Grey

Hi Renee, thanks so much for the beautiful flower arrangement, it has certainly got people talking. When you come in next week, I will need business cards! Everyone wants to touch it, so I have had to put a sign up ‘yes, it is real, do not touch’, but they don’t believe me and touch it anyway. Thanks again

Anne Fletcher

Thank you but definitely no changes! It is perfect. Just beautiful. Thank you for everything

Narelle Mkimmie