Who is The Real Florist?

Albury Florist – The Real Florist – Photo credit – Capture by Karen

I would like to introduce myself as humble with a hint of Kanye…

I am an emotions dealer…
The concept for this business started at my kitchen table when my marketing manager turned to me and asked: “Mum, are you the REAL florist?”
My marketing manager was my then 4-year-old daughter because, as you may know, 4-year-olds don’t beat around the bush. They tell it to you straight – and on this day she had me nailed.
I am a real florist. I have a REAL qualification, a REAL passion for flowers and a REAL talent for making floral creations that truly reflect and connect with the REAL people they have been made for.
Weddings, corporate events and workshops are my jam but as someone who loves meeting people in my community, I also get a huge sense of satisfaction from delivering flowers in person. It fills me with joy to be the person who is spreading love, saying thanks or delivering a heartfelt sorry during those big occasions in our lives.
I put a little piece of my heart into every arrangement I make and pride myself on delivering the highest quality arrangements.
My flowers are full of personality, because I get to know you on a personal level.
I can not wait to design an arrangement specifically for you and your loved ones.
With love,
Renee Williams

The Real Florist


We love getting out and about in the Albury-Wodonga region. We are blessed to be in the business of making special deliveries from one loved-one to another, hosting flower and crown classes for lovely locals and setting up the final stages of beautiful weddings for that perfect bride.

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